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Recent Projects

At Droneland Australia, we take pride in providing solution-based services with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Spraying mites on corn
- Echuca/Kyabram region

Our client requested aerial spraying to eliminate mites infesting their corn cobs and significantly reducing their crop yields. Post-harvest feedback from farmers indicated that their yields were among the best they've seen, attributing a successful season and strong insect control to our drone technology.

Turf farm - too wet under foot! - Lang Lang

We recently targeted broadleaf weeds on a turf farm. Due to recent rain and boggy conditions, the farmers were unable to access the crop. Our drone provided an excellent solution, completing the job regardless of ground conditions. Plus, there were no wheel marks or ground compaction. The only sign of the drone's action was the wilting broadleaf.

Terrain Modelling
- Seymour

A recent customer needed terrain modeling on their property to determine the best locations for grazing while avoiding flood-prone areas. Using LiDAR technology, we provided high-precision terrain models and removed vegetation from the surface for a clear and usable data set.

Ag Educators Conference
- South Australia

We conducted an educational session for agricultural educators and interested parties, showcasing the capabilities of drones in agriculture. The session was very well received and provided a fantastic opportunity to connect with other members of the agricultural industry.