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Rules, Licensing & Training

Our team are here to assist you with all aspects of drone flying regulations including rules and licensing requirements. These regulations are in place to keep you and others safe, on the ground and in the air. For more information, please contact a member of our team or alternatively click on the below links to be taken to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority website pages for further details.

know your drone
power lines

Drone Operations &

Power Lines

Look Up and Live

Visit to find details of

the powerlines in your area

If you select the powerlines it will tell you who owns/controls the powerlines. This is a great tool for planning work near powerlines to ensure you fly safe.

In Victoria, regulations 601-605 apply to aircraft operating near power lines. In summary: 

·Protected Infrastructure is the powerlines 

·R602 provides a exemption to the regulation only by approval (a Permit To Work) from the asset owner and also compliance with any conditions they stipulate.

·R604 is the regulation that applies to aircraft operation.

·If the drone is heavier than 2 kilograms then 45m is the regulatory distance that will be applied

Download the Electricity Safety General Regulations HERE.

All information has been provided by Energy Safe Victoria. For more information visit:

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