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Improve your operational efficiency, safety and performance with AGRAS T50, an all-in-one agriculture solution that’s built for large-scale operations. With a colossal 50 kg payload capacity and a dual atomising spraying system capable of 21 hectares of coverage per hour, AGRAS T50 is a workhorse ready to take on the challenges of large-scale farming.


  • A massive 40KG spraying payload and 50KG spreading payload, larger than any other AGRAS series drone
  • Improved safety and obstacle avoidance via Active Phased Array Radar and Binocular Vision systems
  • Folding design that reduces overall aircraft size by 70%
  • Built to last with IPX6K weather resistance on all core modules
  • Easy controls and mission programming with DJI RC Plus

DJI Agras T50 Drone

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