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Additional pair of centrifugal sprinklers designed specifically for AGRAS T50 model drones. Increasing flow to a colossal 24 litres per minute, and an unparalleled range of coverage with up to 11m spray width means you can cover more ground than ever before. The Atomised Sprinkler Package is perfect for tasks that require a higher flow rate to penetrate dense environments and treat both the front and back of leaves such as orchard spraying.

DJI Agras T50 Atomized Sprinkler Package

  • 2x Atomised Sprinkler and Spray Lance Module
    2x Front Sprinkler Composite Cable
    2x U Shaped Elbow
    2x T Shaped Connector
    2x Frame Arm Bellows Hose
    1x Spray Lance Adapter
    2x Motor Base Stopper
    2x Hose Clamp
    4x M15 Screw Nut
    2x Thumb Nut
    1x Screw Package

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